ILC – India

The Longevity Centre (TLC) which was founded by Dr. S. D. Gokhale, eminent social scientist of international repute on May 4th, 2003 became the International Longevity Centre in April 2004 when it was admitted as the member of the Global Alliance of the International Longevity Centres.

ILC-I is registered as a not-for-profit company under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, renowned scientist of international fame, is the President of ILC-I.

Mr. Jayant Umranikar, former Director-General of Police, Maharashtra, is the Chairman of ILC-I.

The Vice President of ILC-I is Dr. Arun Nigavekar, former Chairman, University Grants Commission.

The Founder President of ILC-I was the eminent gerontologist, the late Dr. S. D. Gokhale, who passed away on the 15th of January 2013. The late Mr. B. G. Deshmukh, former Cabinet Secretary to the Govt. of India, was the Vice President of ILC-I until he passed away on the 7th of August 2011. The Late Mr. C.S. Pathak, Hon'Director passed away on the 25th of December 2014.