ILC-I applauds those who bring quality of life to the elderly, with its annual ILC-I Awards which recognize qualitative work done in the field of ageing by/for elders.

The annual ILC-I awards are a salute to the dynamism and enterprising spirit of organizations, individuals and other stakeholders advocating the noble cause of senior citizens.

ILC-I, is committed to recognizing all those who work for the cause of senior citizens for which the ILC-I Awards have been instituted since 2010. There are three sets of ILC-I Awards -

The first set of Awards are the late B. G. Deshmukh Award: in this there are two categories- an Award for a senior citizens’ organisation for “Promoting Qualitative Excellence in Ageing” for excellent work done by it for the well-being and development of senior citizens in particular and of society in general. Two senior citizens’ organisations were chosen for these Awards for the year 2016.

The Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha, Chaitanyanagar, Jalgaon :

Developed a library of more than 15000 books for senior citizens, organized free health camps for the seniors and the needy, arranged regular lectures on healthy living, distributed medicines free of charge to needy people (including the elders and others too), promoting inter-generational solidarity by felicitating the joint families where the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have stayed together and thus preserved the age-old Indian tradition of a joint family system and putting up a worthy example for the younger generations.

The Sawangadi Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha, Pune:

It is one of the pioneering organisations which led the initiative of bringing together the senior citizens to form a coordinated senior citizens’ organization and at the same time championed the cause of the senior citizens movement. A very worthy activity that Sawangadi has undertaken is the setting up of the Medicine Bank where unused medicines (which are within the acheter ventoline expiry period), are collected, sorted out under the medical advice and guidance of doctors, and given free to needy people in hospitals. Medicines worth Rs. 1 crore have been distributed to more than 80,000 needy patients over the last five years! The members of the organization have been a very strong support system for frail elders living alone or by themselves by undertaking small chores for them, visiting them, staying in touch with them over the phone, in short, being there for such seniors whenever needed; promoted healthy living & organized organ/eye donations; developing a good library to promote the good habit of reading amongst members and their grandchildren.

Each of the above awards carried a citation, a trophy and a prize money of Rs. 10,000/-.

  • The second category under the late B. G. Deshmukh Awards is the Lifetime Achievement Awardor the Jeevan Gaurav Puraskargiven to a senior citizen over the age of 70 years for commendable work done by him/her in the field of arts including music and dance, culture, sports, literature, education, science and technology, medicine, social work etc.

Two senior citizens over the age of 70 years were given this Award:

Mr. Prabhakar Chattre

86 years, set up the Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha at Kurla and was also actively involved in the special care of the Differently Abled children, especially the mentally challenged. He also set up a special organization of and for the parents of the differently abled children to generate a coordinated and more effective system for helping such children. He also made available employment opportunities for such children and set up a Day Care Centre for them as well.

He also worked towards spreading awareness on the various schemes for the senior citizens and followed-up on them with regard to individual cases, whenever required. He made available special ID cards for senior citizens, set up a mobile library for the elders and was also instrumental in designing the FESCOM website.


75 years, has been a very popular teacher and dedicated himself to his profession of teaching with the spirit of a crusader ‘who wants to groom generations of youngsters with values and knowledge that would benefit mankind in general and humanity in particular.’

He had set up a cooperative and cooperative housing society, and had also taken on the responsibility of the Secretary and President of the Teachers’ Forum. Post-retirement, he strengthened the senior citizens’ movement in Pune and was fully involved in the projects of the Sawangadi Senior Citizens’ Organisation, namely the Medicine Bank, Support Group of Elders for Elders, working to promote sovaldi prix the causes of eye/organ donation, Healthy Ageing/ NiramayArogyaYojana of ASCOP (the Association of Senior Citizens’ Organisations of Pune), amongst others. He was also elected unopposed as the Executive President of ASCOP in recognition of his deep commitment and dedication to the cause.

Each of the above Awards carries a prize money of Rs. 5000/-, a citation and a trophy.

The late Dr. S. D. Gokhale Award for ‘Promoting Qualitative Journalism in Ageing

This Award was given to Arati Rajan Menon, Editor, Harmony magazine, for her regular writings in the print media on the various issues and concerns of the senior citizens with a view to empowering the elderly to lead Participatory, Productive, Qualitative and Healthy Lives with Dignity.

This Award carries a prize money of Rs. 5000/-, a citation and a trophy.

A Special ILC-I Commendation Award:

This year, a Special ILC-I Commendation Award for the year 2016 was given to Shri V. V. Kulkarni, 86 years, who has been working exclusively since his retirement, for nearly 30 years, for the cause of population ageing, in the most unassuming and self-less manner! His dedication and commitment to the cause is beyond compare. He had also designed and conceptualized the Niraymay Arogya Yojana (Healthy Ageing Programme) that ASCOP has taken up as one of its flagship programmes.

This Commendation Award carried a citation, a memento and a shawl and shriphalwhich were presented to the Award winner. The Awards were given away by the renowned industrialist and philanthropist, Ms. Lila Poonawala on the 30th of November 2016 at the BharatiVidyapeeth University, Pune who was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

Prof.Dr.ShivajiraoKadam, Vice Chancellor, BharatiVidyapeeth University, was the Guest of Honour.

Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, President, ILC-I, Mr.JayantUmranikar, Chairman, ILC-I and Dr. K. H. Sancheti, renowned orthopaedician and the Chairperson of the ILC-I Awards Committee were the other dignitaries on the dais who graced the occasion.

The third ILC-I Award is the late Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award given under the aegis of the ILC-I Awards, and is meant for scientists/technologists who develop cost-effective products/services for the poor old. It is instituted by the President of ILC-I, Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, in memory of his late mother, Anjani Mashelkar.

For the year 2016, this Award which carries a prize money of Rs. 1 lakh, a citation and a memento was given to Mr. Mihir Shah of UE Life Sciences for the innovative gadget, the ‘I-breast exam’. The citation given below describes the reason why this Award was given:

“In 2015, breast cancer replaced cervical cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths among women in India. In our country alone, almost 200 million women aged 35 to 55 do not undergo necessary annual breast exams which could potentially save their lives. Worldwide, this number is even higher. Late stage detection is the main reason behind breast cancer deaths.

UE Life Sciences has worked tirelessly since 2009 to develop breakthrough technology that has the potential to dramatically improve the accessibility and affordability of breast cancer screening. Their device called ‘iBreastExam’ uses innovative sensor and material technology combined with software computing to accurately identify cancerous lesions and tumours. Thanks to the portable, radiation-free and non-invasive device, the screenings are safe, pain-free and private. UE Life Sciences has also proposed an innovative pay-per-use model – instead of targeting direct sales – which will allow doctors in every corner of the country to start screening women for breast cancer at the earliest. The device is approved by the prominent US FDA and has been successfully used on the ground to test thousands of women, save countless lives.”

This Award was given by Dr. Vikas Baba Amte, the reputed social activist and doctor who caters exclusively to the leprosy-affected people, on the 17th of November 2016 at YASHADA. The dignitaries on the dais included Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, President, ILC-I and Mr. Jayant Umranikar, Chairman, ILC-I.