ILC-I Awards 2012


ILC-I applauds those, who bring quality of life to the elderly, with its annual ILC-I Awards.

These awards include a national award, the Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award , which caters to the best innovation for helping to improve the quality of life of the poor old people, the late Shri BG Deshmukh Awards for Excellence in Promoting Qualitative Ageing and the Lifetime Achievement Awards (the Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar) and the S. D. Gokhale award for “Promoting Qualitative Journalism in Ageing”. All these awards have been instituted through the personal donations made by Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, Late Shri Deshmukh and Dr. S.D. Gokhale.

The second ILC-I Awards ceremony was held on the 17th of November 2012 in Pune at the Auditorium, New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Paud Road, Erandwane, Pune. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Ms. Anu Aga, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha.

Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, President, ILC-I presided over the function.

Prof.Dr.Shivajirao Kadam, Vice Chancellor, Bharati Vidyapeeth University was the Guest of Honour.

  • Dr. S. D. Gokhale, Hon. President, ILC-I also spoke onthe occasion.
  • Mr. Jayant Umranikar, Chairman, ILC-I welcomed the distinguished guests.

Under the aegis of the ILC-I Awards, are three sets of Awards-

The Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award instituted by Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, the President of ILC-I, in memory of his late mother, Anjani Mashelkar, for upcoming scientists/technologists/innovators who develop cost-effective products or services for the elderly. This is a national award which carries a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh.

This year’s award winner under this category is Mr. Myshkin Ingawale of Bio-Sense whose innovation of ToucHb, a simple, portable, non-invasive , hemoglobin estimation device that gives instant readings. Operating this device does not require any training and it can be easily and effectively be used even in the rural areas of the country, right at the doorsteps of the elderly, who need not step out of their homes and also do not suffer the discomfort of an invasive mechanism.
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The next award was instituted by the late Mr. B. G. Deshmukh, the former Vice President of ILC-I, for “Promoting Qualitative Excellence in Ageing” (a cash award of Rs. 10,000, given to four organizations of senior citizens for undertaking programmes and activities that not only help seniors to be productive and participatory but also ensure a qualitative life for society in general). The four Award winners are- a. The Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha, Dombivali (East).

  • The Krutartha Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha, Nasik.
  • The Shatayushi Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha, Nasik.
  • The Chaitrangan Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha, Uran, Raigad District.

This award also has the three Lifetime Achievement Awards or the Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar ( a cash award of Rs. 5000 each, given to three senior citizen individuals for their commendable achievements in the fields of sports, literature, culture, academics, entertainment, arts, music, dance etc.).

The award winners under this category were- Shri Prabhakar Jawadekar, Smt. Durga Kango, Smt. Vimal Mandke

The third award has been instituted by Dr. S. D. Gokhale, the Hon. President, ILC-I for “Promoting Qualitative Journalism in Ageing” and it carries a cash prize of Rs. 5000. This year there were two award winners in this category, each of which were given the prize of Rs. 5000/-. The award winners were- Ms. Supriya Shelar of SakalTimes, and Ms. Swati Shinde-Gole of the Times of India.

Ms. Supriya Shelar of Sakal Times Ms. Swati Shinde-Gole of the Times of India Besides the cash prize, each award carries a memento and a citation.

Some of the distinguished guests on the occasion were- Dr. Arun Nigavekar, Vice President, ILC-I, Prof. Anil Gupta, Chairman, National Innovation Foundation, the eminent nonagenarian Shri Dajikaka Gadgil, Dr. Vijay Kelkar, Chairman, 13th Finance Commission, internationally acclaimed scientist Dr. Vijay Bhatkar.