Dr. Deepak Kulkarni, a Consultant Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon, with more than 40 years of practice, has started an initiative – ‘Individual Social Responsibility’, wherein, he offers 50% concession on all his treatment charges to the senior citizens above the age of 70, across different economic and social strata.

The only motivation that leads him to undertake this initiative is the immense satisfaction it gives him to see how his expertise and knowledge help the frail and vulnerable elderly to recover from their ailments.

He has begun this initiative in December 2018 and has given the benefit of it to 4 patients. He also mentions that there was one elderly lady of sound financial status, who could pay the fees and did not want the concession. The noble doctor has since decided to donate the concessional amount to a charitable organisation.

ILC-I salutes such noble individuals who are not just aware of their social responsibilities but are also serving one of the most neglected segments of society- the elderly!

We hope that this beginning made by Dr. Kulkarni would inspire other such doctors to help the elders in dire need of medical assistance, but, the exorbitant medical costs prevent them from accessing health services which would enable them to lead Healthy and Qualitative Lives!

ILC-I would be posting more such inspiring stories on their website. Let’s all work towards making our elders healthy and happy!

India is facing an acute water crisis for some years now and it is imperative that conserving water becomes a priority for the nation. Senior citizens participated in a flash mob that spread the message on the need for saving and conserving water as part of ILC-I’s Environment protection initiatives. ILC-I looks upon senior citizens as catalysts of change, especially with regard to Environment Protection initiatives and to spread the message of saving and conserving water on the occasion of the World Environment Day of the 5th of June, a flash mob of senior citizens was organised at the Pune Central Mall, Koregaon Park, Pune, on the 4th of June 2017.

Forty seniors participated in this flash mob which was the first of its kind in Pune by senior citizens. They danced to the songs that espoused the cause of water conservation, gently waving placards that also displayed ‘Save Water’ messages.

The energy and enthusiasm of the seniors was heightened as ILC-I had arranged for the seniors to enjoy some quality family time with their children and grandchildren at the Pune Central Mall, opening up an opportunity of celebrating intergenerational solidarity. Transport arrangements had been made to bring along two hundred and fifty senior citizens with their families to the Mall, where, besides the flash mob, fun-filled activities like games, songs and dance were also organised which enthralled all the members, young and old, while they also enjoyed the refreshments served to them. Bread Story, the cake shop provided refreshments to the senior citizens and their families at concessional rates.

The flash mob video clip has been uploaded onto You Tube for everyone to view-

The State Bank of India has supported the ILC-I programme of conducting the Mobile Literacy Training for senior citizens. The first programme of two half day sessions each was held on the 29th and 30th of June 2017 and on the 13th and 14th of July 2017. The inspiration behind this programme which was a huge success, and in great demand, were the President and Chairman of ILC-I, Dr. R. A. Mashelkar and Mr. Jayant Umranikar, both of whom believe that the mobile phone can be a friend for every elder.

Following the efforts by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi to make India a cashless and digital economy, ILC-I, spurred on by its President and Chairman, undertook this programme to help elders overcome the ‘technology phobia’ that most of them have.

The senior citizens were trained about the use of a mobile phone for purposes other than making and receiving phone calls by the young team of ILC-I experts. A four hours’ session for a batch of 15-17 elders on each of the two days was organized by ILC-I, with the support received from the State Bank of India.

The inauguration of this programme took place on the 29th of June 2017 at the hands of Mr. Ajay Joshi, the AGM of State Bank of India. Senior technical staff from SBI, Mr. Ganesh Waghmare also trained the senior citizens on how to use the SBI app ‘Buddy’.

The courses were conducted free of charge for the senior citizens and a complimentary book, giving details about the use of a mobile phone was given to the senior citizens. The seniors were also trained to make online payments, especially of telephone and electricity bills, how to order a cab, how to download and use apps, to skype, to use what’s app, how to email etc, was also given to the senior citizens. The tremendous response from the elders, all queuing up for registering themselves for the programme, their eagerness, their curiosity to learn more about this technology, their child-like enthusiasm, and the very positive feedback received from them, post the training, was indeed overwhelming.

A one day Roundtable on “Dementia- The Situation and Implications in India” was organized by ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals on the 6th of July 2017 in Pune.

The Roundtable was attended by experts in this area of dementia and Alzheimers Disease. Dr. Jacob Roy Kuriakose, the former President of the Alzheimers Disease International was the Chief Guest.

The programme was organized with a view to understanding the scenario in India on the issue of Alzheimers and Dementia, a topic, about which not much is known due to the lack of awareness in the country. Dementia in India, is often mistakenly confused as old age forgetfulness, thus overlooking the fact that this problem is much more grave and serious than mere old age related benevolent forgetfulness.

Leading experts working actively in this field like Mr. Sailesh Mishra of Silver Innings which runs a dementia care home for seniors afflicted with dementia, spoke on “Caregiving Services & Issues of Caregivers”, Mr. Prakash Borgaonkar, Director of HelpAge India, presented an overview on the “National Scenario on Dementia- the HelpAge Perspective, Dr. Nidhi Gupta, TISS, spoke on “The need for Policy & Strategy on Dementia in India”, Dr. Vinod Shah, Founder-President, Janaseva Foundation, spoke on “Dementia & the Rural Elderly”, Ms. Mangala Joglekar, a gerontologist who runs a memory clinic for such patients at the Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, shared her “Perspectives on Caregiving”, Dr. Alka Vyas, who counsels dementia patients and their families, shared the perspectives of the Senior citizens’ Organisations and the Gender Perspective too; the eminent psychiatrist from Pune, Dr. Hemant Chandorkar who spoke on “Process of Ageing- the associated problems”.

Dr. S. Siva Raju, Dy. Director, TISS, who Chaired the Sessions urged the different stakeholders in this field to come together work on making the issue of dementia, a national priority in our country, given the rise in numbers of those afflicted by it. He also said that there should be different policies for different illnesses of the older persons and not just one umbrella policy and he also emphasized that the policies should be revised periodically.

The Roundtable concluded with the Closing Remarks by Mr. Jayant Umranikar, the Chairman of ILC-I, who also stressed on studying the use of simple indigenous Indian herbs from the ancient science of Ayurveda, to prevent and treat dementia.

Two days’ National Roundtable on “ Building a Society for All Ages-The Issues and Concerns of Ageing in India”

This Roundtable was organized by ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd on the 18th and 19th of August 2017 in Pune. Mr. Mathew Cherian, the Chief Executive Officer, Helpage India, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The President of ILC-I, Dr. R. A. Mashelkar presided over the Inauguration and the Chairman of ILC-I, Mr. Jayant Umranikar briefed the participants on the Concept of the Roundtable.

The Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA), 2002, the ‘Gospel’ for the world of population ageing was adopted by the Second World Assembly on Ageing, at Madrid, fifteen years ago. India, was a signatory to MIPAA, which is the first global documented agreement recognizing the older people as integral contributors to the development of societies, and which makes it mandatory for the governments to comprehensively and holistically include ‘ageing’ in all social and economic development policies. To mark this occasion of MIPAA completing 15 years, ILC-I, which was privileged to have had its Founder President, the late Dr. S. D. Gokhale as one of the members of the Committee that drafted the MIPAA, organized this Roundtable. It is a little unfortunate that, the issues and concerns of the older persons or the senior citizens as they are more appropriately addressed in India, are only now visibly coming into focus on the Indian scenario.

Eminent and leading experts from India who worked for the cause of Population Ageing attended the Roundtable to take stock of and review the application or implementation of some of the identified issues and objectives of the three Priority Directions of MIPAA, in India.

These experts included Dr. G. Girdhar, former Director, UNFPA, Dr. Sanjay Kumar of UNFPA, Dr. Siva Raju, Dy. Director, TISS & Hon. Director, ILC-I, the eminent statistician Dr. Irudaya Rajan, the iconic geriatrician, Dr. Vinod Kumar, the gerontologist, Dr. Jacob John Kattakayam, Ms. Anupama Datta of HelpAge India, Dr. Aarti Nagarkar of the University of Pune among others. Representatives of Senior Citizens’ Organisations, NGOs, academicians also participated in the Roundtable- Mr. D. N. Chapke, Mr. Borgaonkar, Mr. Sailesh Mishra, Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Mr & Mrs. Madhukar and Madhuri Pawar, Dr. Wazarkar, to name a few.

The former President of the International Federation on Ageing, Dr. K. R. Gangadharan delivered the Valedictory Address, urging all stakeholders to take forward this cause at all levels in India.

ILC-I organized a lecture and an interactive session between the senior citizens of Pune and the Police Commissioner of Pune, Ms. Rashmi Shukla, on the 2nd of July 2016, at the Cummins Hall, Patrakar Bhavan, Pune from 10 to 1.00 am to mark the occasion of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

Instead of marking it on the globally acknowledged date of the 15th of June, ILC-I had to hold the programme on the 2nd of July due to a change of plans of the Chief Guest for the occasion, Ms. Rashmi Shuklar, the Police Commissioner of Pune. This programme was organized by ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals. The highlight of the programme was the interaction that Ms. Shukla had with the senior citizens who had gathered there.

Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, the President of ILC-I presided over the function. Mr. Jayant Umranikar, Chairman, ILC-I delivered the opening remarks and Ms. Anjali Raje, the Executive Director, ILC-I welcomed the guests on the occasion.

A one day workshop on “Orientation of Volunteers for the Niramay Arogya Seva Project” , jointly organized by the Association of Senior Citizens’ Organisations of Pune (ASCOP) and the International Longevity Centre-India (ILC-I) with the support of GHARDA CHEMICALS LTD was held on the 3rd of August 2016 in Pune.

The Niramay Arogya Seva (Healthy Living) Project is an initiative of ASCOP which promotes silver years to be mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and socially qualitative and satisfying, as every older person has a Right to Health. This ‘Healthy Living’ project works on the principle of active older persons who volunteer to ensure good health for those elders who are living alone or by themselves. This includes visiting such elders, communicating with them on a regular basis, monitoring their needs, especially those of health, taking them to the doctor or hospital as and when required, getting them their medicines/ assistive devices.

ASCOP, under this project has also worked out tie-ups with reputed hospitals, doctors, chemists and other health or caregiving services and facilities to make them available to the elders at concessional rates. Efforts are also on to facilitate medical insurance for the elderly.

Nearly 100 active senior citizens have volunteered their services under this project and it was with a view to orient them to this project and what it entails, that, ASCOP and ILC-I, jointly organized this orientation workshop for these volunteers with the support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd.

Experts spoke on several issues that provided information to the elderly volunteers on what is expected of them, the areas where their voluntary services are required, what are the values that a good volunteer must have and other such issues.

The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Jayant Umranikar, Chairman, ILC-I. The other guests on the occasion were Ms. Anjali Raje, Executive Director, ILC-I and Dr. (Ms.) Alka Vyas, geriatrician. Dr. R. T. Wazarkar, President, ASCOP, Mr. Madhukar Pawar, Executive President, ASCOP and Mr. V. V. Kulkarni, programme-in-charge welcomed the guests and the volunteers who had gathered there to be oriented and trained for this project.

Topics covered included information on organ donation facilities, assistive device centres, pathology labs, medicine banks, counselling and physiotherapy facilities. The programme ended with a questions and answers session to resolve the doubts and questions that the volunteers had and to which the concerned expert responded in detail.

Two days’ National Consultation on“Challenges and Opportunities of an Ageing Society” Organized by International Longevity Centre-India (ILC-I) with the Support of Gharda Chemicals Limited

The objective of this National Consultation was to have the best minds in the field of gerontology to first identify the challenges through discussions on the current issues of elderly and then the measures to address these challenges and seek solutions which would prove that an ageing society can be the opportunity to showcase “Productive Ageing”.

As a nation’s population ages due to increased longevity, declining fertility and falling mortality rates, there are certain challenges that emerge as an outcome of the changed demographic scenario. The negative images and stereotypes of ageing, the myths associated with it, the lack of awareness about the issue and unwillingness to accept it as ‘an issue that needs the attention of society and the government’, become hurdles and obstacles that pose challenges to an ageing society, especially of a developing nation like India.

The challenges of longevity impact the health, financial and social aspects of an older person in particular, as also the community/society in general, and as the numbers of these older persons increase, these challenges need to be converted into opportunities, so that the ‘Challenge of Longevity’ becomes an ‘Opportunity for Productive Ageing.’

Population ageing is not and should not be considered as an ‘unwanted burden’, rather it is a treasure-house of knowledge, wisdom and experience and this bounty needs to be channelized in the right direction and used for alleviating not just the conditions of the older persons, but also those of society too. For this, it is imperative that the older persons themselves get rid of this ridiculous and untrue notion of being a drag on society and rather build upon their gained knowledge and experience and put it to good use through various ways for the betterment of society.

To get the scene rolling, we had focused on the challenges in the health sector, the market labour situation, the present social protection systems, the infrastructural set-up, and of course on the emotional or social needs of the elders.

Group discussions on how to come up with more specific measures and solutions to the challenges of longevity and make an ageing society an opportunity for the older persons to make life more qualitative, not just for themselves, but also for the community in general, were the essence of this National Consultation.

The Consultation focused on the challenges in the health sector, the market labour situation, the present social security systems, and the infrastructure set-up and on the emotional or social needs of the elders in India. The Consultation included renowned experts from all over India, research scholars, academicians, representatives of NGOs, gerontologists and geriatricians as well as the delegates of senior citizens’ organizations of India.

The outcome of the Consultation was the formulation of a “Plan of Action” based on the presentations by the experts and group discussions and interactions of the participants during the two days of the workshop.

A Pune Declaration citing the goals and objectives as also the recommendations of the Consultation was drafted and after its finalization with the consent of the delegates will be sent to the concerned authorities.

The inauguration session was held on the 18th of August 2016 in the presence of PadmaVibhushan Dr. R. A. Mashelkar (Hon. President, ILC-I), Dr. K. R. Gangadharan (President, Heritage Hospitals) and Mr. JayantUmranikar (Chairman, ILC-I). Mrs. Anjali Raje, Executive Director of ILC-I welcomed the guests.

The experts who were invited to speak on the occasion were- Mr. Mathew Cherian, CEO, HelpAge India, who delivered the Valedictory Address and Dr. Siva Raju, Dean, School of Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences & Hon. Director, ILC-I.

Others who spoke on the occasion were- Dr. S. P. Kinjawadekar, President-Emeritus, All India Senior Citizens Association (AISCCON), Mr. D. N. Chapke, President, AISCCON, Mr.Sailesh Mishra, Founder-President, Silver Innings, Mr. P. Borgaonkar, Director, HelpAge India, Mr. D. T. Chaudhary, Dr.Alka Vyas, Dr. Jacob John, Dr. P. K. B. Nair, Dr.Nidhi Gupta.

This workshop was organized by ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals on the 20th and 21st of October 2016 at YASHADA, Pune.The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Arvind Jha, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Retd.).

The invited participants were two office-bearers from each of the fifteen senior citizens’ organisations from different parts of the state of Maharashtra which had been awarded the ILC-I Awards since 2010. The rationale for inviting the representatives of these organisations was that these organisations had a track record of doing commendable work for elders in particular and the society in general (and which had been recognized by ILC-I by felicitating them with the ILC-I Awards).

The concept behind this workshop was to make a qualitative difference in our lives- and to engage senior citizens as the catalysts, to do so.

Our Environment today is very fragile- it needs proper nurturing and dedicated tending to- or else soon mankind would be faced with all kinds of environmental disasters that would make life on earth inhabitable for it.

Experts from the fields of rain-water harvesting, recycling, solid waste management, segregation of dry and wet garbage, Community Cleanliness, Valueducation, Vermicomposting and other such related subjects were invited to speak and give training to the participants.


The Valedictory Address on the second day of the workshop was delivered by Ms. Madhuri Sahasrabuddhe, the Corporator from Pune and an active social worker. The objective of the workshop was essentially to harness the wisdom, knowledge, energy and time of the senior citizens for working towards maintaining a green and sustainable environment, for which they are given training and information by the invited experts. The trained senior citizens go back to their hometowns and with the help, support and cooperation of their Senior Citizens’ Organisation undertake one environment-protection initiative and implement it.

They were then expected to document the activity and send ILC-I a documented record including a report with photos, CDs or DVDs of the project undertaken by them latest by the 21st of January 2017 with the representatives to attend a one day feedback workshop on the 31st of January 2017. This initiative instills a sense of qualitative participation, a sense of dignity and productivity in the elders as they undertake an environment-protection and sustainable programme for the well-being of society and mankind. This was a singularly innovative example of the hidden potential that the elders have and what they can do when the right opportunity comes their way.

One day follow-up workshop on “ Role of Senior Citizens in Maintaining a Green and Sustainable Environment” on the 31st of January 2017.

The second part of this training was the one day feedback workshop that was held on the 31st of January 2017 at YASHADA, Pune where each organization made a presentation on the work done by them in the three months that they had from October 2016 to January 2017.

It is indeed heartening to note here that the reports on the projects undertaken by the senior citizens’ organisations which were submitted by their representatives at the Feedback and Documentation workshop held on the 31st of January were indeed eye-openers! The potential of the senior citizens to undertake developmental work was astounding. The senior citizen organization that won the first prize for the commendable work done was the Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha, Sanghvi – This organization of seniors had helped 12 housing societies in Sanghvi set-up the rainwater harvesting system for collecting rainwater from the rooftops/terraces and had also convinced the Municipal Corporators of these areas to provide these socieites with free filters costing Rs. 6500/-each! One can only imagine the gallons of water which will be saved and conserved this year- and this is solely due to the CSR support of Gharda Chemicals that made it possible for such a revolution to take place.

This initiative also instilled a sense of dignity, of qualitative participation, a feeling of productivity in the elders as they undertook an environment-protection and sustainable programme for the well-being of society and mankind.

The other organisations that won prizes were the Rajarshi Shahu Jyeshtha Nagarik Seva Sangha, Kolhapur and the Kruthartha Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha, Indiranagar, Nashik. Two consolation prizes were awarded to the Jyeshtha Nagrik Mandal, Yavatmal and to the Shatayushi Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangh, Rajivnagar, Nashik.

All the organisations have assured ILC-I that they would continue with the work undertaken by them in the interest of the environment and that of societal development on the whole. It is a pioneering endeavor undertaken by ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals and which was received with whole-hearted enthusiasm and sincerity by the invited elderly participants.

The 22nd of March is globally observed by the UN as World Water Day. Every year a theme is proposed and for the year 2017, it was “A walk for water”.

ILC-I pledges itself to protecting the environment and ensuring its green sustainability and as part of its advocacy focus, the World Water Day was observed with this “Walk for Water” by senior citizens on the 22nd of March 2017.

Around 160 senior citizens took part in this walk of around 2 kms in Pashan, beginning at 7.30 am, shouting slogans of “Save Water, Save Life”, “Pani Jirva, Pani Wachwa” urging citizens not to waste water, & to save & conserve it, spreading the message to the onlookers and residents of more than 30 housing societies along the road.

ILC-I had also prepared special placards on the occasion of the World Water Day advocating messages on a Green environment, on how to save water and why, and these placards were enthusiastically held aloft by the senior citizens as they walked along.

Ms. Varsha Rajkhowa, the Ms. Scuba International of 2016 & the international Brand Ambassador for Water Conservation and Protection of Marine Life, led the walk donning her sash and later adorning her head with the tiara that she had been crowned with, as she pleaded for the cause of water conservation.The participation of this youth icon also sought to bring in a ‘connect’ between the senior citizens and the younger generation whom Ms. Rajkhowa represented.

Following the Walk, an Awareness lecture on “Conservation of Water- The Role of Senior Citizens” was organized by ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals on the occasion. The speaker was Col. Shashikant Dalvi, the Water Conservation Expert, & District Manager (Pune), The Climate Reality Project, India & Director, Parjanya : Rain water Harvesting Consultancy.

Col. Dalvi explained what water conservation meant and why we need to conserve water & how we in India, tend to disrespect water and use it in an exceedingly wasteful and indiscriminate way- we don’t fix our leaking taps, we let the water run while brushing teeth, washing clothes/ vessels and many other instances were cited by him which showed the indiscriminate use of water by most of us. He also spoke of how there are simple ways in which water could be saved or conserved.

Moreover he also spoke of how the senior citizens themselves could spread this message of water conservation through Valueducation programmes where children are educated on such social causes by senior citizens.

Senior citizens could also undertake Rainwater harvesting promotion projects by orienting builders, housing societies to the concept of saving or conserving rainwater that goes waste- down terraces and rooftops of our houses and buildings, citing the example of how the Sanghvi Jyeshtha Nagrik Sanstha, led by its President, Prof. Ravindra Nimbalkar had, with its team of senior citizens, convinced 12 housing societies to install rainwater harvesting systems on their rooftops to conserve water which could then be used when there was less rainfall!

The special invitee for the occasion, Prof. Nimbalkar, the President of the Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha of Sanghvi and the winner of the ILC-I and Gharda Chemicals supported programme on “The Role of Senior Citizens in Maintaining a Green and Sustainable Environment”, while interacting with the audience informed how, the Sangha decided to focus on one issue of rainwater harvesting and to harness the efforts, time, energy and dedication of its senior citizen members for this cause.

This programme was also organized by ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd.

Report on the World Elders’ Day Organised by the International Longevity Centre-India (ILC-I) With the Support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd.

About the International Longevity Centre-India (ILC-I):

The International Longevity Centre-India (ILC-I) is a not-for-profit organization working for the cause of senior citizens in the fields of Research, Advocacy, Training, Policy, Documentation, Inclusive Innovation and field projects since 2003. It is registered under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, (currently applicable is Section 8 under Company Act, 2013), as a not-for-profit company.

ILC-I was founded by the late Dr. S. D. Gokhale, eminent social scientist of international repute.

The present President of ILC-I since 2008 is Padma Vibhushan Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, the world-renowned scientist. The Vice President of ILC-I is Dr. Arun Nigavekar, the former Chairperson of the University Grants Commission. The Chairman of ILC-I is Mr. Jayant Umranikar, the former Director-General of Police.

ILC-I is a member of the Global Alliance of the International Longevity Centres and as its member enjoys Special NGO Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC. ILC-I is also a Satellite Centre for the SAARC region of the United Nations’ International Institute on Ageing, Malta.

With the support of Gharda Chemicals, ILC-I organized a Celebration on the occasion of the World Elders’ Day which falls annually on the 1st of October.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, ILC-I organized this Celebration, known as the ‘Jalsa Jyeshthancha’ on the 14th of October 2017.

Celebrating World Elders’ Day:The World Elders’ Day is marked on the 1st of October every year. ILC-I celebrated the World Elders’ Day on the 14th of October 2016, as there were a host of programmes in the week beginning the 1st of October 2016.

This programme, “Jalsa Jyeshthancha” was organized by ILC-I at the S. M. Joshi Sabhagriha, Pune, with the support of Gharda Chemcials Ltd.

Many programmes for senior citizens are held with a view to educate, inform and create awareness on different topics and issues concerning them and their interests. ILC-I too has been holding many such programmes including workshops, consultations, interactions for senior citizens with a view to provide them information, more learning opportunities and intellectual stimulation to keep their minds alert and active. This is all very necessary for a healthy mind and active ageing including a healthy body. But, one tends to forget that the old adage of ‘All Work and no Play makes Jack a dull boy’ holds good not just for school students but for the older persons too!!

Keeping this in mind, ILC-I decided to celebrate World Elders’ Day and provide wholesome entertainment and recreation for the elders to mark the occasion which would ensure the holistic well-being of the elders. The programme began with refreshments served to the senior citizens who came out all bedecked in their finery to simply sit back, relax and enjoy a feast of music and melody.

While speaking on the occasion and welcoming the guests gathered for celebrating the occasion which was a toast to all elders, Mr. Jayant Umranikar, the Chairman of ILC-I, said, “Seniors must remember that the key to happiness is learning to live with your family in an interdependent way. You must be independent as much as possible, but not to the extent that it pushes away your children, as intergenerational bonding is what helps a family thrive”.

He also added, “It is important to live ‘Today’ to the fullest, think about ‘Tomorrow’ and stop worrying about ‘The Day After’. This is the Mantra for Good Health.”

Further he also advised seniors to not give away one’s property to children while still living. A will should be made, which could point out the way a senior would want his/her property to be dealt with.

Mr. Umranikar stressed that the elders need to be recognized as an important component of every society, because they are the “FUTURE IN THE PAST.”

After the Inaugural Session, the programme of music and song commenced with a melodious rendition by Ms. Manjushree Oak and her group which presented a floral bouquet of songs aptly called ‘Mehak’, which means ‘Fragrance’.

Vibrant and energetic songs of yesteryears were sung on the occasion much to the very spontaneous delight and happiness of the seniors who whistled, clapped, sang and danced along with gay abandon on the stage and in the audience along with the singers, to some very peppy numbers, making for a very enthused and energized atmosphere. The joyous response of the senior citizens and their effervescent energy was indeed a true reflection of the title of the programme- ‘ Jalsa Jyeshthancha’ ( Funtime for the Seniors). The orchestra played a medley of old Hindi and Marathi film songs which truly energized the seniors.

It was good to see them all forget their worries, the niggling pains and aching joints, and join each other in reliving the glorious young days of love and romance.

The objective of the programme was to provide pure entertainment to regale the seniors on a day that is specifically marked in their honour and help them wash away their worries and problems with this musically melodious and happy way.

Report on the lectures on the de-monetised Indian scenario Organised by the International Longevity Centre-India (ILC-I) With the Support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd.

About the International Longevity Centre-India (ILC-I):

The International Longevity Centre-India (ILC-I) is a not-for-profit organization working for the cause of senior citizens in the fields of Research, Advocacy, Training, Policy, Documentation, Inclusive Innovation and field projects since 2003. It is registered under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, (currently applicable is Section 8 under Company Act, 2013), as a not-for-profit company. ILC-I was founded by the late Dr. S. D. Gokhale, eminent social scientist of international repute.

The present President of ILC-I since 2008 is Padma Vibhushan Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, the world-renowned scientist. The Vice President of ILC-I is Dr. Arun Nigavekar, the former Chairperson of the University Grants Commission. The Chairman of ILC-I is Mr. Jayant Umranikar, the former Director-General of Police.

ILC-I is a member of the Global Alliance of the International Longevity Centres and as its member enjoys Special NGO Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC. ILC-I is also a Satellite Centre for the SAARC region of the United Nations’ International Institute on Ageing, Malta.

Concept of the lectures by Prof. Dr. Dilip Satbhai: As part of orienting senior citizens to the post-demonetisation era in India, where many senior citizens were worried about how they would manage their finances in this scenario, ILC-I, with the support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd., organized two lectures of Prof. Dr. Dilip Satbhai, Hon. Director, ILC-I for two senior citizens’ organisations. These lectures were meant to rid the seniors of the fears and anxieties that they were experiencing in this demonetization phase that India was undergoing and help them face the situation with the right attitude and approach.

In a time when there was a lot of uncertainty regarding the economic situation vis-à-vis the financial resources of every individual, the senior citizens were the most worried and possibly harried segment of society. Their age and the frailties brought on by age made them all the more vulnerable and anxious.

The need to make them understand and comprehend the situation, especially when they had to face a lot of discomfort and some tiring times, standing in long queues at the ATMs and/or banks for getting their old notes changed to the new currency or even just to withdraw cash, became all the more acute.

The need to assuage their fears and anxieties is what prompted ILC-I to organize these lectures by an expert in this field- none other than the renowned financial doyen in the world of economics, and ILC-I’s very own Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Director of the ILC-I Board of Directors, Prof. Dr. Dilip Satbhai!

Two lectures of Prof. Dr. Dilip Satbhai were organized by ILC-I on the 7th of December 2016 and on the 21st of January 2017 for the senior citizens of two different senior citizens’ organisations- at Pashan and at Kothrud in Pune.

A very interesting and very informative lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. Dilip Satbhai on the 7th of December 2016, on “Demonetisation and its Implications on finances, with special focus on the elders”, at the Wakeshwar Senior Citizens’ Organisation, at Pashan.

This programme was specifically arranged for senior citizens after the demonetization announcement made by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on the 8th of November 2017. Given the concerns of the senior citizens, Prof. Dr. Satbhai, addressed their issues by clearing the doubts and explaining in detail the implications of this move and also how it would impact financial management of the elders.

This lecture explained in detail the purpose and rationale of the demonetization step taken up by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Prof. Dr. Satbhai assured the elders that they would not be affected singularly due to this move which in essence was meant to route out black money from the Indian economy! Alleviating the fears of the elders, as they asked him questions, Prof. Dr. Satbhai was able to respond to all their queries, questions and doubts to their satisfaction.

This lecture was well-received by the 100 + audience which had come there for the lecture. Many of the participants also appreciated the concern of ILC-I with regard to the anxieties that the senior citizens had and its efforts to assuage them through such a lecture by a well-informed expert like Prof. Dr. Dilip Satbhai.

A second lecture by Prof. Dr. Dilip Satbhai was organized by ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd., on the 21st of January 2017, at the Savangadi Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha, Kothrud on “Demonetisation and its Ramifications on finances, with special focus on the elders”.

The objective of this lecture was also to orient the elders to the post-demonetisation scenario and how to manage one’s finances in ‘a cashless or less-cash economy’ that India was slowly moving towards.

Many of the tips and detailed information given by Prof. Dr. Dilip Satbhai was found very useful by the senior citizens who attended the lecture. Here too, the 100+ number of senior citizens were full of appreciation for the comprehensive lecture delivered by Prof. Dr. Dilip Satbhai. Quite many of them had some personal questions to be answered and which Prof. Dr. Dilip Satbhai very patiently responded to, much to the satisfaction of those who were asking them.

Both these lectures were part of the Awareness and Advocacy efforts of the International Longevity Centre-India to ensure that the senior citizens of India are well-informed and well-equipped to understand and deal with the issues and concerns that are of relevance to them.

Report on the Mini Walkathon organized by the International Longevity Centre-India to mark WEAAD 2014 on the 15th of June 2014

The International Longevity Centre-India (ILC-I) organized a Mini Walkathon of senior citizens to mark the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on the 15th of June 2014 in Pune.

Nearly 400 senior citizens participated in this Mini Walkathon which covered a stretch of nearly three kilometers. After congregating at a designated point, the senior citizens proceeded to walk towards the venue where a small programme was arranged by ILC-I.

The seniors, sporting specially designed T-shirts and caps, walked with great energy and enthusiasm, carrying placards with slogans like “Respect Elders, No Abuse”, “Elder Abuse is not just a crime, but a sin” and many more.

Many leading Puneites, who were senior citizens, walked the Walkathon. They included,besides the Chairman of ILC-I, Mr. Jayant Umranikar, the eminent orthopaedic surgeon of Pune, Dr. K. H. Sancheti, Air Marshal Bhushan Gokhale, retired Commissioners of Police among others. Some older persons over the age of ninety and quite a few over the age of eighty also participated in the Walkathon. Great energy and tremendous enthusiasm of the senior citizens were the hallmarks of this Walkathon.

The Walkathon terminated at the Law College Auditorium where the President of ILC-I, Dr. R. A. Mashelkar and Mr. C. S. Pathak, Hon. Director, ILC-I, welcomed the participants.

The programme began with a welcome address by Mr. Umranikar, felicitationof the sponsors and then the speech by the Guest of Honour, Dr. Sancheti. The Inaugural session came to a conclusion with the Presidential Address by Dr. Mashelkar.

After a short break for refreshments and breakfast, the leaders of the senior citizens’ organizations addressed the gathering. A short skit on elder abuse was also performed by senior citizens.

The programme ended with a thundering round of applause.

ILC-I, with the support of PNB Metlife organized two workshops on “Planning for Retirement” for the personnel of NCL on the 8th of May 2013 and for PRAJ on the 7th of June 2013. To be prepared for a qualitative life after retirement and to help us age with dignity, it is necessary that planning in terms of not just finances, but also health, both, physical and mental, housing, social life, requires a great deal of foresight preparedness. ILC-I shows the way with such workshops which equip an individual with information and guidance.

ILC-I in partnership with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences conducted the “Creating Advocacy for Elderly” project under the collaborative aegis of UNFPA/TISS/ISEC/IEG from November 2013 to January 2014. This included a two days workshop of “Training of Trainers” on the 21st and 22nd of November 2013. Awareness Generation Sessions were conducted from the 30th of November to the 7th of December 2013, followed by a Refresher course on the 13th of January 2014. This whole programme was conducted under the aegis of the UNFPA-ISEC-IEG-TISS collaborative project on “Advocacy for the Elderly”, in India with the major objective being to train active senior citizens/representatives from organizations working on ageing issues with a view that the trained representatives will reach out at a subsequent stage to the community elderly in their locality for imparting the knowledge base on ageing issues and enhancing awareness about various government legislations, programs, policies and schemes related to elderly.

The Dr.S. D. Gokhale Memorial lecture series was set up to commemorate the work done by late Dr. Gokhale, the Founder President of ILC-I in the areas of ageing, children, health and community development. The first lecture under the lecture series for the year 2013-14 was held on the 21st of September 2013, the birth anniversary of Dr. Gokhale. The four core issues of ageing on which experts were invited to speak on health, law, the ageing process and thefinancials of ageing with experts like Dr. K. H. Sancheti, Dr. Mukund Sarda, Col. Madhav Athavale and Dr. Dilip Satbhai speaking on them. The last lecture was held on the 15th of January 2014, the first death anniversary of Dr. Gokhale.