About ILC - India

The Longevity Centre (TLC) which was founded by Dr. S. D. Gokhale, eminent social scientist of international repute on May 4th, 2003 became the International Longevity Centre in April 2004 when it was admitted as the member of the Global Alliance of the International Longevity Centres.

ILC-I is registered as a not-for-profit company under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, renowned scientist of international fame, is the President of ILC-I.

Mr. Jayant Umranikar, former Director-General of Police, Maharashtra, is the Chairman of ILC-I.

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Anjani Mashelkar Inspiration Award

A young widowed mother suffering through extreme poverty coupled with the lack of education meant unsurmountable odds for late Smt. Anjani tai Mashelkar. Undeterred by these odds, she brought up Raghunath Mashelkar with determination and perseverance. She continued to raise his aspirations for higher education and achievement, while giving him values of morality, ethics and concern for the poor at the same time. She was truly an inspiration!

The Anjani Mashelkar Inspiration Award will be given annually in this spirit to the inspiring life and work of an elderly and unsung Indian hero. Celebrating such role models will inspire others to be more and do more!

  • The award will comprise a cash prize of ₹1 lakh and a citation.
  • The award will be given under the aegis of International Longevity Centre – India (ILC-I) and will be given away during their annual awards function.
  • Last date to submit applications is 8th November 2019

To apply, an applicant must be:

  • An Indian woman above the age of 60, living in India
  • An unsung hero – she should not be affluent or already decorated with recognition and well known in the public eye.
  • From any field - any work in the interest of national good will be considered
  • Work and life’s accomplishment should be against all odds and by overcoming hardships and challenges.
  • Potential of becoming a role model
  • Work should have a sizable social impact

Click here to download application form and read instructions

Dr. R. A. Mashelkar


Mr. Jayant Umranikar


Dr. Arun Nigavekar

Vice President

Prof. Dilip Satbhai

Hon. Treasurer

Dr.Bhushan Patwardhan

Hon. Director

Prof.(Dr).S. Siva Raju


Ms. Anjali Raje

Executive Director

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